If you just negociated a contract and your company does not have all of the workers necessary for conducting and finishing the project or you want to increase your productivity by increasing the number of workers, you can always use the manpower services provided by our company.

These are the steps which you will have to take when you hire a temporary workforce company.

You will have to make sure and check that:


The to be hired company is or has:

Registered in the Netherlands

Registered in the Netherlands and has tax registration number for the payment of wage tax in the Netherlands;

Chamber of Commerce

Registered at the Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands with a Dutch address;

Paying VAT

Paying VAT, wage, payroll and income taxes;


Has a G-account;

NEN 4400-2

Has a NEN registration (NEN 4400-2)

The workers subcontracted are or have:

A1 form

The workers subcontracted have A1 forms;

RNI registered

The workers are RNI registered at the City Hall and obtained their BSN;

Health and accident insurance

The workers have private health insurance and accident insurance;